What do you need to create a website?

Anything from a simple Idea, to a full plan and contents. Where you have gaps we can help you fill them in. We have worked on projects from individuals just starting out, to established businesses looking to revitalise. Specifically though:

Idea: This is important. We can help fine tune this.

example: RG Locksmiths came to us with only an idea and withing a week we created a professional looking brand and website, see here.

Company Name: If you have an established name we can build from that. This can inform the style of the website and how it is arranged.

example: Bradenham Interior Design was a brand new company with a trading history and wonderful images of work done by the owner. The branding was created to best complement this and the website was laid out to show this off, see more here.

Domain name: If you don't have a website then we can secure the best domain name for your business. This prevents others from buying it and makes sure the right people find your business. Knowing the most appropriate name and extension is important and we can help. It might be suitable to keep is short and easy to remember, or make it easy to find using search terms specific to your business.

Professional Email: We can help set your professional email up, with your new domain name. There are ways to make this cost effective, using aliases so you can add yourname@ info@ accounts@ to one email plan at no extra cost. Or we can even leave it as a business gmail, like rglocksmiths@gmail.com if you are trying to keep reoccurring costs to a minimum.

Website Content (Text, Images, Video, Examples of work): Original content can help personalise your website. We can help you piece together what you have with what you don't. We can use placeholder images and write copy for you for example.

example: Take a look at how we helped Keith Milne get the perfect images here. Keith had the text for the website and we used free images until he could send us his personal alternatives.

Branding: We can help create a unique logo and brand identity for your business or take an existing idea and build into the website.

example: Authentic Travel Company had their brand guidelines included in their brief, so when we created their website we used this as a guide and extending where appropriate. To find out more, click here.

Marketing Strategy: How you attract people to your website is as important as the content. This can be as simple as linking your social media accounts, submitting the site to search engines, or creating a Google MyBusiness. We can help with all this and more. We have set up and started social accounts for multiple small business and run accounts designed to generate traffic to the website.

example: Fitness Life Collective is a social group for fitness professionals aiming to come together to face the business challenges ahead. We created the branding, designed and built the website and ran the social account to get it set up. See more here.

The strategy depends on the business, so whether its flyering local residents or setting up online ad campaigns we can help or point you in the right direction.

If you have any questions then please give me a call.