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Website ∙ Design ∙ Marketing

We specialise in website design and marketing for small businesses.  Ideal for start-ups or small-medium sized companies that are looking to add a spark in their marketing. 


We can also help with branding, search engine optimisation, social media and other forms of pro-active marketing. 



I started Ignited Marketing after moving to Edinburgh from Manchester.  My roots are in the Peak District so Ignited Marketing gives me some flexibility to work from all over.
My background was in sales and marketing within the print industry.  Initially for a fast growing startup doing everything from stuffing letters to writing e-shots, and occasionally climbing up a ladder to fit vinyl.  I helped train new staff, find unique suppliers and set up offices in Manchester and Berlin.  During these experiences I found my passion: helping others establish and grow their business. 


So please get in touch because I would love to help.

Some Recent Projects

No Project is too difficult or small, easy or big.  I enjoy designing logos and creating websites for local Hair dressers or Locksmiths as much as market research for the furniture manufacturing or industrial cleaning sectors.


Get in touch

however is easiest for you...  Give me a call on my mobile, or drop me an email and I can call you back.  Or, if you prefer, please fill out the form below and leave it with me.  

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