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Authentic Travel Company

Authentic Travel Company offers unique travel experiences with a personal touch. Jane and Alex needed a website that would reflect this, with room for growth; keeping up with their evolving business in the years to come.


Website Design & Build


Authentic Travel Company


"Fantastic thanks, looks good. I love it on my mobile"

The focus of the website is to encourage visitors to get in touch.  Most people’s travel needs are unique, from the dates to the starting location, so seeing an offer that doesn’t quite fit can be disheartening.  The new approach was to offer more general inspiration, based on visitors’ potential requirements and then link to contact forms. 

The new website includes images and video designed to inspire so please take a look at the real thing… or see some screenshots below.


Mobile Version

Our Websites are always optimised for mobile as people are increasingly using their phones to view websites.  

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