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Bradenham PWC

Bradenham Preformed Wood Components or Bradenham PWC provide component parts for the furniture industry.  This website project initially provides a web presence and contact details location with room to grow.
Take a look at the result here:


Website Design


Bradenham PWC


"Well done, looking fabulous."

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Bradenham PWC are a new player in an established market, although they have decades of experience and the industry knows the individuals well.  When getting in touch with new clients their first response is to Google the new company so SEO was integral.

Industry terms like "preformed wood" need to be optimised for search engines.  Also, deviations from this like "preformed plywood" or "beech furniture components" need to be woven into the content, titles and page descriptions.

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If the focus of your website is to provide contact details and credibility then having an easy to navigate and good looking mobile version of the website is a must.  

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