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Keith Milne Coaching

Identity, Website (, Booking and Payment Services for Geneva based Coach Keith Milne. 


Identity & Website 


Keith Milne


"Love it!!!  You have done a brilliant job very, very happy.  Thanks for all your help and support"


Keith Milne provided all the copy required for the initial portfolio style website.  Using stock images we were quickly able to make a website 80% complete and tweak from there.

Within a short time period we created a website appeared complete.  This allowed Keith time to share with friends and family and receive feedback. 

KM Screenshot 3.jpg

Booking and Payment

The website has two forms of payment.  A plan that gives clients 6 credits to book sessions at their convenience, and then individual bookings.  The website takes payments, sends automatic email reminders and manages the coach's schedule. 

The coach's availability is completely customisable and there is scope to quote individually for more bespoke services.

The website includes it's own payment system, however third party companies can be included.  To find out more please get in touch.


Keith Milne wanted a personal website that reflected him, his life and his surroundings.  He didn't have any suitable photographs though so he hired a professional and the results are fantastic.  

Initially we created a website using stock images; profiles, home interiors, coffee shop meetings and landscapes.  This gave Keith and the Photographer an idea of the format and variety of images that would be required. 

Using these spectacular images we created a narrative on each page.  This image shows the before (top) and after (bottom).

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