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Everclean Solutions

Website (, Search Engine Optimisation and pay per click ad campaigns for Kent based Cleaning company Everclean. 


Website & Traffic 




"Really happy with the website.  It all looks really good.  It's a professional layout and I like a lot of the little touches here and there"


Graham's cleaning business has grown fast over the last few years but most of his new business was via referrals and the old website wasn't achieving results.

The aim of the new website was to: Look Professional

Highlight Services Clearly

Explain their Eco Credentials 

Encourage Enquiries and Contacts

Everclean Locations

SEO, Google and Ads

Our aim is to get your website found by the correct people!  This means focusing on what your target audience may be searching for.  For example, searches for "Eco Friendly Cleaner" could be a company that cleans with Eco products or it could be a product that homeowners use themselves. 

Focusing on specific details helps to get the right people to your website.  These include specific services, niches, and locations where appropriate.  For Everclean we focused on "Commercial" "Cleaning Services" in the specific areas "within Kent".


Ads & Results

Google Ad services allow for greater targeting.  Attracting perfect search phrases and using negative keywords to make sure that every penny spent is on real opportunities, and not "how to professionally clean my dog" (real example).  

We ran a couple of very small tests, improving them over a couple of weeks to the point where Graham now has a ready made campaign he can pause and play whenever suits him.

"Hello mate, just wanted to let you know that i got an enquiry from a local GP surgery on Friday and went for a meeting today to discuss cleaning...Look's like we are on, potentially starting within the week"

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