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The focus for this website design project was clear communication.  Two very different groups of people visiting the website (landlords and renters) would need to easily access the elements relevant to them.  Mark supplied a detailed brief with all the content required so our job was to organise it into a simple structure and clean design. 
Take a look at the result here: 


Website Design & Build


MOVR Homes


"I’ve just been through the site, great work!
It's amazing, thanks for doing that so quickly."


Property images, graphics and bold titles allow users to find the information relevant to them.  The site's secondary aim is for visitors to get in touch, so the contact information appears on every page.

The "news" part of the website allows MOVR to flex it's credentials.  The posts can be shared on social media  from this page, which helps with SEO too.

MOVR Website 2.jpg


Establishing yourself in a market where competitors have been around for decades can be tricky, so first impressions are crucial.  Renters and Landlords looking to check out MOVR on their mobiles arrive at a clean, easy to navigate and professional website.

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