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SKO Print

Identity, Website, Product Branding, Social Media and Direct Mail campaigns for a print specialist.


Identity, Website & Print




"The samples are brilliant, I look forward to seeing them up"

Minimal Style allows the products to take centre stage.  SKO primary form of marketing is through direct mail, so the website's main function is to reassure visitors that the company is credible and for people to find out a little bit more about the products

Anybody arriving on the page without having seen a physical sample is steered towards forms to capture details. A prominent FREE SAMPLES page, and pop up window will encourage visitors to pass on their details.

Product Branding

SKO supplies exclusive & unique materials, like a removable fabric wallpaper we have called Texxi.  A key part of the name was the "google-ability" so that anybody hearing about it would find the correct product.  The double xx highlights the fabric element in the material and is reflected in the logo.  Similarly the extra dot on the product Dotti signifies the products key feature.   



The Gingham pattern and Bee are printed on Texxi and folded like a picnic blanket to fit in a small envelope.  Saving on the cost of the DM Campaign, and also highlighting a feature of the product (it doesnt crease!).

The Dotti sample (visual on right) is broken into sections for the same reasons, it can be pieced together flawlessly to make the bigger image.

We have samples so please get in touch with us and we can pop them in the post.

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