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Trade Up your business using Ignited Marketing's step by step guide. 
Ask yourself some quick questions and generate simple solutions. 
Ignited can help you with these quickly and effectively!

Do you have a website?

Why you need a website?

There are lots of platforms and places to list your business details.  Yellow pages, local papers, Facebook and other social media for example. 

Not everybody is across these platforms and they actually work better in harmony with your website, which can link them all together.  A bad google review or a Facebook troll can undo years of hard work but your website allows you to control the narrative.

"Word of mouth is so strong that the next several jobs are always lined up"

Word of mouth is great, but people can only talk about the type work you have done / are doing for them.  This sends businesses into cycles of doing the same projects.  Sometimes these aren't the most lucrative/fun?  Maybe they are labour intensive or effect cash flow?

Your website lets you attract the work you want, when you want it



What you need for a website?

Almost nothing.  We can build up what you need from what you have... Eventually you need a brand and content (urgh, just means logo, images and text etc.)  We can help with all of this and it doesn't have to take time or cost the earth.  We took Robert from part time emergency locksmith to within a few days.  You can see from this example the minimal information required.  If you have images of work and testimonials from clients that is even better.


Excellent!  We can help

Please contact Ben.  Best to email with your contact details and he can arrange a call or quickly reply to any questions you have.


There are other elements to Trade up involving attracting the right business but this works hand in hand with a website.  Whether that is with social media or direct marketing it starts by setting up your website. 

Find out more

Digital Marketing

There are two kinds:
Free - because it requires time
Expensive - but can be very worthwhile


"Why would I be on Instagram"  "nobody is going to want to follow/see me work"  "i am too busy to keep uploading pictures to 10 followers"

U-bends, roofing and wiring tends to only trend when somebody gets hurt.  Social media gets a bad rap, but it is where everybody hangs out, and because of the internet we all have goldfish memories.  So my cousin is a great sparky, he actually is, but he doesn't have a website so my friends cant google "Chris Electrician Chesterfield" but they can find him through my social media.  Facebook posting is the new (some might say lazy) word of mouth. So creating a basic presence is essential and posting once a month to stay "top of mind" is easy, and we can help with what to post when etc etc etc...


To make it worth the outlay... promote a specific product or service, at the time best for you, to a demographic of your choosing. 

Spend as much or as little as you like.

Return on Investment examples:

BAD ADS - If paying £100 for an Ad generates a new £500 job, which you make £300 profit on, then yay right?  Only if you this incremental work doesn't impact you other work.  If the cost of doing this job is declining a similar one that is worth the same amount then you just lost £100.  

GOOD ADS - if your quiet period is January, then prepare an advert in Dec that has a time limit, only available in January, that has a number limit (5 places available), that is profitable, and won't encroach your current business.  Then spend £100 to get £200, or £200 to get £400

NEWBIES - target new areas, or promote a  new service.  Then when you complete the work, you have created a new word of mouth stream whether literal or via social media (free digital marketing)

Tips and Tricks

Get action!!  Point people towards your website and capture their data name/email etc. so you can contact them further in the future

Be Specific - Promote something you want to provide that people may not realise they need, or can afford.  

Don't be afraid to ask people to share, follow, like and comment.  Text, Call and WhatsApp people 

Direct Marketing

The two easiest ways are direct mail and leaflet drop, thoughts below

Direct Mail - minimal cost max impact

In post & materials alone you are paying close to £1 each, so the trick is to:

1. Get people to open it!  Don't make it look like spam.  Hand written addresses, stamps and envelopes make DM look like a birthday card, and who isn't opening that.  


2. Get action!!  Ask people to provide details, in return fro something.  "free DIY tips leaflet" "free quote for anybody quoting INTHEPOST"

3. Link to website - Sign up on  (you can track the traffic to test how successful this is)

Leaflets - "i'm working in your area"

If you DIY the posting then it costs peanuts.  1000 leaflets can cost less than £30. 

The trick is to:

1. Targeting - post through people in areas you work in, have worked in, and want to work in.  If you specialise in staircases then steer clear of bungalows.  ifyouknowyouknow but flyer companies dont.

2. Get the communication correct - linking it with your website and/or social media.   

3. The design and production of the leaflets is important too because people need to trust you.  It needs to land intact, so thick paper, and unless you live in California it needs to be printed on silk paper or it will crinkle in the rain.

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