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Working with Ben

I have had some really nice comments and referrals over the last couple of years. They say the loveliest things without me prompting them.

"Ben took a brief for my website and worked with a professional photographer to transform the ideas into a really great multi-functional website that I was absolutely delighted with. He is very savvy on web design and digital marketing and his tips and insights really helped a lot. On top of that Ben is super easy to work with, fantastically responsive, ultra-quick and I really do feel I have a business partner as well as a digital marketer. I would strongly recommend him to others they would not be disappointed!"

Here are some images from that specific project...

I like to work in a good grace surplus, delivering ideas and visuals before anybody commits to anything. This ensures that everybody is happy at all times throughout the process.

I accept challenges and grow with each project. I enjoy getting to understand your business and I genuinely revel in your successes.

When creating websites and working with small businesses an important part of that is establishing their credibility. I encourage the people I work with to collect testimonials about their work, because it adds to their website's authenticity. Here are some more of mine...

""Thank you for your time and work you’ve put into this fantastic website it’s brilliant"

"I’ve just been through the site, great work!

It's amazing, thanks for doing that so quickly."

"Love it!!! You have done a brilliant job very, very happy. Thanks for all your help and support"

If you would like to know more about working with me you can contact me directly, details below, or drop an email to the people I've worked with already.

Many thanks


+44 (0) 7702 175 077


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